Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Why U Fell Again In Love???

People always love their first love... they will always be in their heart, no matter how badly they hurt them, no matter how much pain & tears they put them thru, they will always love them...  but there are people who have been loved enormously but destiny choose something else with them....... something dreadful :( but life goes on only when people make their mind up & choose to breathe.....
So never ever try to make people forget their first love coz there are some places in life which can not be replaced !!!
There are people in life who completes u in all respect & it is the "first love" who made a perfect, adorable person.... don't forget "the inseparable & beautiful part"  just love (her) with all ur heart & soul !!!

But not all first love is worth remembered & only one reason u get over them is u found someone who loves u like u've ever dreamt of.... & u get over them & fall in love like u've never been hurt before. And a new relationship starts, initially u feel u know this person since years but u've met them just a couple of months ago...u keep finding ways to get to them, u love listening to their voice & laugh & giggle... u call at random hours just to say "love u" & u call them ur "SOUL-MATE"......  u become so fond of that "shiny new toy" person, but u forget u've accepted a person with all little flaws.... and later there comes a point where all those flaws starts pricking & u loose that passion & u never realize when u start falling out.... the things u used to ignore when u fight or argue now those things makes u upset & u push them away & u start spending time doing things.... & the other person keep trying &  wondering laying awake in bed & spending nights thinking answers for all the "Why"s & the whine & the crying .... They do everything to get out of this  even they need to take medicines  but its time they should know its their mistake that they  made u their disease & cure too.

When a person loves u they dont want u to forget ur ambitions & dreams n just be with them but just manage some time for them coz once u start ur journey to achieve ur dreams they have to wait till u come back.....  People have different priorities in life, they have dreams & ambitions too that makes them forget all the promises. Why cant u spend time when u promised u'll??? Why can't u keep up ur promises??? Won't it hurt to keep waiting all the time??? A relationship needs love, understanding & more importantly time too.

When u expect people to understand ur situation, hiding from them what trouble u are in & why u r behaving in a hurtful way with the person who needs u the most, then where is this understanding when the other person miss u n they are asked not even to miss u when they are not around u??? Is this why people get into relationship to stay away n expect other cant even miss u???

Not a million fights will make me hate u :( but its making me hate myself when i go thru all fights at the back of my mind - Why u fell again in love???

A thousand words couldn't bring you back - i know coz i tried,
Neither could a thousand tears could bring you back - i know coz i cried,
You left behind a broken heart & happy memories too..............
but i never wanted memories i just wanted U :'(

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